DPP off to South Africa

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THE Director of the Public Prosecution Ronald Bei Talasasa has been invited to attend the International Association of Prosecutors (IAP) at Johannesburg in South Africa next week.

Mr Talasasa said that the conference is held annually and it emphasises the importance of networking.

He said the conference is a benefit to the ODPP Solomon Islands through the IAP in terms of networking, Prosecutors Exchange and E-Crime programmes, last October the ODPP received a prosecutor from Canada who was here for a month and train the local prosecutors.

He said during the conference developed jurisdictions share their practices and all members discuss areas that require the attention of everybody else and what to improve on, Prosecutors both in common law and non-common law jurisdictions attend these conferences.

There are also prosecutors at war crime tribunals that attend and share their experiences as well, Talasasa said.

Talasasa will be a speaker on Tuesday, September 11, 2018, during the first workshops session – Workshop B (Ensuring Independent Prosecution and the Rule of Law in Small Communities and in Fragile States) of the 23rd Annual Conference and General Meeting of the IAP.

The 23rd IAP Annual Conference aims to develop the key themes of prosecutorial independence and seeks to provide to the global community of prosecutors a framework for common understanding.

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