DPM reiterates request for Mercy to return during 2023 Pacific Games.

DPM Malanga on behalf of the people of Solomon Islands presents a token of appreciation to the U.S Navy Captain and PP2022 mission Commander Hank Kim for the successful completion of the PP2022 two weeks mission in Solomon Islands. PHOTO BY MAVIS PODOKOLO
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DEPUTY Prime Minister Manasseh Maelanga reiterates Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare’s request for another mission of the U.S Naval Hospital ship Mercy during the event of the Pacific Game, 2023.

Maelanga echoed this at the closing event of the Pacific Partnership 2022 mission in Solomon Islands.

I also echoed the request of the Hon Prime minister who is also the Minister for the 2023 Pacific Game. Please consider the visit for 2023 to consider with the hosting of 2023 Pacific Game between 19th November and 2nd December of 2023,” he said.

“This year you have set a benchmark against the future mission of the Pacific Partnership program,” he added.

“The mission has touched the lives and improves many Solomon Islanders it has empowered our health professionals including repairs and maintenance of medical equipment’s, it has reduced waiting list of people who are booked for surgeries, it has bring smiles to the faces of our children most of all it has created training partnerships between our people.”

Director of Surgical Services for Pacific Partnership 2022, Commander Sara Gonzales said this robust collaboration for the last two weeks is the director reflection of the spirit the Pacific Partnership 2022 mission, strengthening International ties through the region and forging Multi notational Collaboration partnership in ensuring to strengthening and growing friendship like the one they shared with the Solomon Islands.

“This mission prepares us for future events that may require humanitarian assistance. The effects of disaster often transcend the national borders. Therefore it is important that we walked side by side as friends to take care of those who may most need our help,” Gonzales said.