Doom’s day prediction

By Alfred Sasako

IT is not new, nor is it the first group to have predicted a Doom’s Day scenario. But the leader of a group calling itself the Kingdom, said to be located at Fulikafo or Bethel, near Maoro village south of Auki, Malaita’s Provincial Capital, has told its members that January 16 is the day non-members would perish with all their earthly belongings.

It is not known how many people are involved in the Kingdom movement, which many have described as a cargo cult movement.

And there are numerous accounts, which could not be independently verified.

One suggests that the ground where they are standing would open up, swallowing every non-member with all their worldly possessions on Tuesday, January 16, 2018.

Cult members on the other hand would not perish. Instead, they would be rewarded with new houses, to be built by crew members of a foreign ship, due to arrive in Auki today (January 16).

Activities of the Kingdom movement had gone viral on social media in the past two weeks after a government former Communications director, Alfred Maesulia, posted the story.

The crew of the foreign ship would build new houses for followers of the movement. It is not known how long this would take. Those who have spoken to Kingdom members said the construction of the new houses would not take long.

“White women would then be provided to serve as house girls in the new houses,” according to another account of the Movement which has attracted many village people.

“The promises of white men serving the ordinary village people as well as millions of dollars have attracted many ordinary people to join. Some have sold their properties including roofing irons supplied by Members of Parliament, while others have sold their houses both in Honiara and in Auki.

One large house for example was reportedly sold for $20,000 in the past week as members were allegedly encouraged by their leader to dispose of their earthly possessions.

That has made authorities on Malaita worried. Should nothing happen today (16 January) the consequences could be dire especially for the leader of the movement.

“There will be a lot of disappointments once the doom’s day prediction never eventuated,” observers said.

Auki police are watching the situation closely.

Malaita Premier Peter Ramohia told Island Sun yesterday he was aware of what is happening but added police are keeping an eye on the situation.

“It is becoming big news here in Auki. It is interesting to hear the people in this movement are expecting we will be having a new currency after the 16th January.


“I am truly concerned about this situation and I hope things will still be normal and not (end up) in some unwanted situation,” the Premier said.

“Police are more worried about what would happen after 16th January.”

Many similar movements both here and abroad have made similar predictions in the past but none came to fruition.

Many disappointed followers later committed suicide as they were left with nothing after selling their possessions.

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