Dodo Creek land up for tender by MHLS

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THE Land Board in the Ministry of Lands, Housing & Survey has tendered the land that hosts the defunct agriculture research station at Dodo Creek, Central Guadalcanal.

The 15.58 hectares of land is registered as Parcel 192-019-005/      Lot 31 of LR.83/ R at Dodo creek.

According to MLHS advertisement on Island Sun, the Perpetual Estate is owned by the Commissioner of Lands with no encumbrances.

MLHS said the land has been disused for more than 20 years and the government has no plan to redevelop the site.

The Ministry said squatters have reoccupied the former government quarters and built their own houses in the area, and there is at least one grave site in the area.

“Tenders are hereby invited for a 75-year Fixed Term Estate over this land.

“The successful bidder is expected to accept the land as it is, and will be fully responsible for any persons already occupying the land,” MLHS said.

The Ministry said no alternative sites will be offered in lieu of this property, regardless of any difficulties encountered.

“Preferences will be given to tenders for tourism and/ or agriculture development of the land, and for partnerships for example with original customary landowners.

“There is no set or minimum Premium price for the land and annual land rent will be set as 1 percent of the unimproved capital value of the land, which is yet to be determined,” MLHS said.

Commissioner of Land, Alan McNeil said all government ministries were asked if they wished to develop the land, and none came forward.

McNeil said the successful tenderer will be responsible for the squatters, and they will have to convince the Land Board that they have the right and appropriate approach.

“The decision on the successful bidder will depend on the Land Board, so I cannot predict whether it will be a ‘big investor’ as you put it,” he added.

The research station at Dodo creek winded up its business following the ethnic conflict from 1998-2003 on Guadalcanal.