Documenting and sharing of sexual materials on social media

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DEAR Editor

The rapid increase in people documenting and sharing their sexual activities on social media is quite alarming, especially among young people and children. Though Solomon Islands do not have an independent mechanism, such as a legislation that prohibits the documenting of sexual Activities by any person on social media, there are other Legislations that prohibit sharing and importing.

It is very important that young people must know the consequences of their actions, some are very aware of the implications it might have, but tend to ignore the facts. It is high time that not only the government to impose hefty penalties and dictate a reasonable age of consent, but it is time; parents take responsibility to intervene and control what their children are doing on social media.

Other Countries Such as Australia, New Zealand and Fiji have Legislations that control and regulate issues of online sexting, documentation of sexual activities and other online materials, Solomon Islands, is in dire need of such, taking into account the growing number of social medial users and other online websites.

Social media is a growing problem especially among young people and children, it not only affects their social skills to communicate properly, it affects their education, their mental health and also can lead to suicide or social issues.

Therefore, it is time the government of Solomon Islands, responsible Ministries, stakeholders and non government organizations, religious groups and especially families, to take heed and tries to find a proper solution.

George Stanley

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