Diet contributes to high rate of breast cancer

Dr Li introduces KMUH's Breast Center.
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Dr Li introduces KMUH’s Breast Center.

WITH an increase in breast cancer cases in the country, especially in young women, being able to carry out self-breast examination and identifying signs is very important, says Surgeon Dr Chung-Liang Li from Taiwan’s Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital’s (KMUH) Division of Breast Surgery.

Speaking to the media in an interview at the Taiwan Health Centre (THC) yesterday, he said that it is vital that women are educated about the process.

Henceforth, Dr Li said if they carry out the process and find any abnormalities of the breast whether in mass or how painful it is or nipple discharge, they should go to a clinic for examination.

“I think educating women about these things is very important,” he said

Li went on to emphasise that the kind of diet women follow is also crucial and can lead to a high breast cancer rate.

He stated that a diet of full of red meat like pork or beef, too much rice, oily foods and too much sugar can lead to high risks of breast cancer.