Dettke tells SIFF to ‘step up’.


Hon Bodo Dettke, Solomon Warriors club president

THE president of the national soccer club champions Solomon Warriors has called on members of the Telekom S-League (TSL) Board within Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) to step up on their mandated duties.

Hon. Dettke was referring to the delayed pay-out of their Telekom S-League (TSL) prize monies where organisers kept hanging onto it without releasing it earlier until two weeks later where it was finally paid out.

Warriors’ president Honourable Bodo Dettke made this statement during the club’s 2018 awards night in Honiara on Saturday.

“This kind of behaviour must be stopped. This is like we’re been let down by SIFF when they continue to drag on with matters supposed to be dealt with as soon as possible.

Warriors were issued with their cheque of $250,000 on May 10 but could not be withdrawn at that time because the concerned account lacked sufficient funds.

The $250,000 is a combined amount of the $150,000 won in the league competition and the $100,000 won in the championship series.

Despite been in possession of the cheque already, it took them another week before they could withdraw their money, according to the club.

“Hopefully, we look forward to one day things will improve in there or we just go in and simply change them because they always neglect their duties.

“Very soon we will raise complaints about them because they seem not to be doing things fairly and on time,” Hon Dettke stressed.

Hon. Dettke was also disappointed when their club was told by SIFF officials prior to the pay out that they would be given half of their prize money first and the remaining part later.

“Even though the sponsor Our Telekom had already given the money to SIFF, organisers continue to hang onto the monies, even promised and asked Warriors to pay half first and another half later but there is no such thing like this.

“We the clubs are tired of this and must be put to a stop,” Hon Dettke expressed.

Formal protest

Due to the above, Hon. Dettke is thinking of nothing else but will opt to go see other clubs with the possibility of coming together as a group to formally lodge an official protest.

“The only thing is to come out and group together with our other clubs in the TSL to formally lodge a protest to stop authorities bullying us around with this kind of ‘uncalled for’ attitude.

“This is to make sure that organisers don’t bully around with clubs next time.

“Warriors were lucky to have an established sponsor who is looking after its affairs.

“If this trend continues, it will not help the growth of football in Solomon Islands but will only see it deteriorate.

“I have spoken with some members of our club’s executive on the idea of forming a group with the other clubs to come together and protest against SIFF and we will soon table it for proper discussion.

“There are many concerned others out there who don’t have the guts to shake up the SIFF office but are being posed with fear that their clubs might end up getting penalised.

“We should not fear them but speak out to help us achieve what we desire to achieve for Solomon Islands football. We must speak out on issues affecting football in Solomon Islands. We must not remain silent.

“The more we talk, the more we will see improvement and changes made.

“This is my immediate task and I will raise this when meeting with my club’s executive members to share the idea of teaming up with the other clubs.”

Football and Politics

Hon Dettke then added that politics seem to hinder the growth of football in Solomon Islands.

“Politics is killing football in Solomon Islands.

“Just look at HFA, what is the problem at the moment?

“We have a serious issue here. Is it because of no money or they remain unwilling to look for sponsor?

“A lot of business houses in Honiara are willing to sponsor.

“But because relevant authorities continue to fail their mandated duties and it is the players who are becoming the victims here.

“You players too must involve in this crusade. You also have a voice. You are our voice. You should go around and sing the same tune to your friends from other clubs.

“Although we played against them but the important thing is to come together as a union to speak out against this.

“We must force to stop this.

“Most of the times, those responsible football leaders always abuse the process. We must do something about it,” Hon. Dettke, who is also the Member of Parliament for North West Guadalcanal, said.

Meanwhile, after the TSL presentation this month, several other clubs apart from Warriors have also raised similar concerns where their prize monies were delayed.

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