Details to delay Parliament to be tabled

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THE details to delay the 11th Parliament to 2024 or permanently extend it for five years will be seen on the Bill when it is tabled in Parliament.

Special Secretary to Prime Minister, Albert Kabui confirmed this to the media in a press conference last week.

He said currently Cabinet is still to meet and endorse the Bill because most Government’s members are still to complete their awareness in their respective constituencies.

He said when the Government members return, a paper will be submitted to Cabinet to approve and endorse the Bill.

Kabui said Government will then table the Bill in Parliament and sits there for a month as required under the Constitution on notice.

The Constitutional Review Committee in Parliament will carry further enquiry on the Bill and seek further submissions from other stakeholders.

Then after the Bill will go through first reading, second reading and third reading before its passage.

Furthermore, Kabui said this process is similar to the Public Health Emergency Bill.

He said when Government tabled it in Parliament, it has nothing to do with it.

Kabui said this is the reason why the Government is still waiting for the Bills and Legislative Committee to finalise its report before can proceed further.

“There are processes in place which is reflective of our West Minister democratic system of governance,” he added.

The Government intended to delay the elections to 2024 because the Pacific Games is taking place in 2023 as well.

So far, Transparency Solomon Islands, Solomon Islands Christian Association, House of Chiefs on Guadalcanal and other women’s organisations have opposed the delay or extension of Parliament because they want to the election held in 2023.