Deputy Principal acknowledge Hon Auga’s move for road development


DEPUTY Principal of the Adaua Provincial Secondary School in Malaita, Mr Davidson Rilaua has commended MP Augustine Auga for infrastructure development planned for Lau/Mbaelelea constituency.

People who dwell in the mountains of North East Malaita are excited and proud about the heavy machines Mr Auga sent for road developments beginning from the main road to the highlands.

Heavy machines dump truck, loader, digger and excavator were already sent there, and construction is ready to kick start any time soon this year.

For so long people living in the mountains of North East Malaita in Lau/Mbaelelea constituency have faced difficulties in road accessibility and this planned project is a breakthrough this year.

The project is sponsored by the Minister for Agriculture and Livestock and MP for Lau/Mbaelelea constituency Mr Augustine Auga.

Speaking for highlanders, Mr Rilaua acknowledged and commended Hon Auga for such a positive move to construct road accessibility which has been a dare needs for people living on the mountains.

He said completion of the project will provides efficiency for accessing services such as clinics, schools and transportation of garden goods to Auki market or even far as Honiara Central Market.

“I salute and acknowledged Mr Auga for taking such initiative and landowners for allowing development to go through which we already see heavy machines for road constructions,” Mr Rilaua said.

Rilaua said this shows Mr Auga has a concern for people in the Lau/Mbaelelea constituency although criticism comes from the constituency.

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