Defence raises issue of delay on Fairamoa’s case


DEFENCE lawyer representing a woman who is charged with one count of larceny and embezzlement has raised concern over the delay of the case.

This is the case against Enith Fairamoa who was alleged of stealing more than SBD20,000 from the Solomon Islands Government in 2015.

The court was told yesterday that the case was already set for trial on April 5 to 13 this year.

Police Prosecutor Lyndon Adifaka said the appearance was for an interim mention, but in regards to the trial date the prosecution is not certain whether the trial date will remain or will be vacated as the prosecutor in carriage of the case will be in Lata for the court circuit on the week of the trial.

Meanwhile the defence lawyer told the court that they have no issues with what the prosecution raised, however voiced the concern that the accused has been appearing in court since 2015.

Last year a trial date also vacated due to prosecution witnesses’ not available and such delay is of concern to their client, the defence lawyer told the court.

Principal Magistrate Ricky Iomea then adjourn the case to March 29 so that the prosecution can arrange for another prosecutor to take on the case if the prosecutor in carriage will not be available on that date for trial.

The accused Enith Fairamoa was charged with one count of larceny and embezzlement.

Prosecution alleged that the woman had stolen SBD28,819.44 from the Solomon Islands Government on May 12, 2015. She committed the offence when she was working with the Ministry of Finance and Treasury.

Police Prosecution Service prosecutes the case in court.

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