Defence awaits disclosures on larceny case


DEFENCE lawyer representing an accused charged for stealing solar panels at the Tanuli Royal Plains Motel is awaiting the last part of disclosures before his client can enter a plea.

The Police Prosecutor told court yesterday that partial disclosures is yet to be served as in the last occasion the accused did not have a lawyer and only partial disclosures was given to the accused.

However, since he now has a lawyer prosecution will serve the disclosures to the defence lawyer.

Meanwhile the defence lawyer sought a 14-day adjournment so that instructions can be obtained from his client and on the next appearance the accused will take his plea.

This is the case of Nelson Satorara who is charged for one count of simple larceny in relation to an incident on October 18 last year.

Police said the defendant is the former operation manager of the Tanuli Royal Plains motel.

The allegation said that on the night of October 18 the motel management hosted a farewell party for the defendant as the defendant will no longer be employed with the company, as they have made a restructuring within management.

However the defendant after the farewell party gave the keys to the other co-defendant and instructed him to go and open the store-room and remove 10 solar panels inside.

The stolen items were valued at $3,500 each, the co-defendant then went and stole the solar panels as instructed by the defendant and left the solar panels at the Fulisango area, at one of the house there.

Police then alleged that it was on October 23 when the co-accused called somebody to collect the solar panels from the defendant, Satorara, that the story of the stolen solar panels was revealed and the matter was reported to the Police and an investigation was carried out.

Police then investigated the report and arrested Satorara and charged him with a charge of simple larceny.

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