DCCG lied to us

City Councillor for Vura ward Reginald Ngati
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SIG students of SINU still waiting for their 2017 allowances & refunds


IT appears the democratic coalition for change government (DCCG) had left office with a lot of broken promises and unfulfilled obligations.

Government-sponsored students of the Solomon Islands National University (SINU) have not yet received their allowance for 2017’s second semester. Nor have they received their refunds which was promised them by the Manasseh Sogavare-led government.

DCCG had announced to the nation in parliament during the final sitting last year that the SIG students’ allowances and refunds will be paid after being processed.

But, the students have been waiting ever since. And, this year, when queried by students, the national Education ministry (MERHD) told them their allowances and refunds will not be paid.

SINUSA President Mr Reginald Ngati confirms to Island Sun that Manasseh Sogavare’s government still owes the students their allowances and refunds.

And, Ngati says the students view this as an outright lie from the Democratic Coalition for Change government.

Because of this lie by the DCCG, the students have suffered financial problems and frustrations, and are being forced to enter this academic year with uncertainty.

“The Sogavare led government in the floor of parliament through Minister for Education say in parliament last meeting that student’s allowances and re-funding of payment will be clear off as of late last year,” Ngati said.

“As I’m speaking today, many student did not receive their allowances yet.”

Last year government had advised SIG students to pay for their own meals and accommodation, promising it would refund them later. This too has been proven as an empty promise.

Thus, as it stands, DCCG owes the SIG students their 2017 second semester allowance and refunds.

Ngati explains that last year students have had to borrow money from friends and family to survive, thinking that government will pay them their allowance and refunds.

But, since government has not lived up to its promises, the students are facing an even bigger problem, with their creditors demanding that their debts be paid.

SINUSA is calling on the current government to consider this issue seriously.

SINUSA is working closely with student trying to calm things down, and if government fails to respond to their ultimate need, they will look at other alternatives, Mr Ngati said.


Photo caption- SINUSA president, Mr Reginald Ngati