DCCG lied to us

DEAR EDITOR, I wish to respond to the comments made by Regional Ngati, the President of SINU Students Association that appeared on Tuesday January 30, 2018, front page.

It is very clear that the students are very frustrated because their rightful allowances and refunds had taken too long for any settlement by the Solomon Islands National Government.

However, when the SINUSA President made that headline statement it seems that he has taken that opportunity just to belittle the DCCG and its former leader Hon Manasseh Sogavare for unknown reasons that only he himself knows.

The tone of his bold accusation sounded like he had some personal grudges against DCCG and Manasseh Sogavare.

Mr Ngati had stated clearly that DCCG had announced to the nation in parliament during the final sitting last year that the SIG students’ allowances and refunds will be paid after being processed.

Well, who knows that after being processed or being processed could take longer than we expected.

After all we are only beginning into the second month of the new-year.

In case you forget, the DCCG and Manasseh Sogavare had now became history you should address DCCG and Rick Hounipela.

Why did you left addressing the current government until the final few words at the end of your front page news item.

Didn’t you hear “the big bang” that happened in the floor of the parliament recently?

That DCCG and Manasseh Sogavare were toppled from power in the vote of no-confidence?

Where were you?

Didn’t you hear about the vote of no-confidence motion?

In case you do not know, your one-talk from Small Malaita Hon Rick Hou is now the new Prime Minister.

Go to him and speak with him in your language of South Malaita and I believe you will soon get a good positive answer from him.

Better still, you are also a CDO of Douglas Ete the Member of Parliament for East Honiara Constituency, the very constituency for which you are the CDO.

Don’t you remember that Douglas Ete was the champion of that successful vote of no-confidence motion in the floor of the parliament?

At least he should solve some of the students’ problems now.

As their President why don’t you lead the SINUSA to Douglas Ete and Moffatt Fuguis’ doors and ask them for help in these times of their desperate need.

The two honourable were the very ones who champion the vote of no-confidence to topple the government that made the promise that now seem hard to fulfil.

My friend ‘don’t rule to mislead but rule to lead’ is my advice to you.

By the way, to label someone in a public media as a ‘liar’ is unbecoming from someone like you who holds a respectable position as the Honiara City Appointed Councillor.

A big bang such as the vote of no confidence motion where a government has been toppled was not a small matter.

There’s bound to be an aftermath and spin-off effects while the dust is still settling down and naturally it would take a little longer than we expected.

DCCG and Hon Manasseh Sogavare are now hanging to power by a little tiny cotton thread string.

Hon Rick Hou the Prime Minister who now holds the power with a big size steel cable is the rightful man to address all your grievances to.

Don’t bark at the wrong tree, or better still in this particular scenario, don’t bark at the wrong side of the tree.


I Tofai


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