Dawn for SIWIBA Malaita



SIWIBA Malaita members clearing a piece of land opposite of St Paul Church in Auki for their market centre.

A dawn breaks for SIWIBA Malaita as women now start on establishing SIWIBA programme in the province.

On Tuesday Island Sun met with members of the Association as they are clearing a piece of land in Auki, which will be used for their business activity.

A member of SIWIBA Malaita, Ms Charity Bana told Island Sun, it is a beginning for them as they are working towards planting the programme.

She said they are clearing a piece of land opposite of St Paul church in the heart of Auki to do their business activity.

Bana said the area will be known as SIWIBA Malaita Women Market Centre and will be presented with all sorts of products they will produce for market.

She said they plan to beautify the piece of land in a very neat and decorated environment as it will become the second market centre for Auki.

“Only few of us are here, but all our members are aware of what is going on and we are working together towards a vibrant SIWIBA in Malaita.

“So first thing at the moment we are doing is working on establishing our market centre and will be rolling to other activities under SIWIBA programme,” Bana said.

She acknowledged SIWIBA head office in Honiara for continue dialogue with them that eventually begin to fruit the intention to establish SIWIBA Malaita.

Bana said they were first introduced to SIWIBA last year.

She said recently they met with a team from SIWIBA office in Honiara and they began to work towards funding the programme.

However, Bana said support is very important and she urges everyone to support them for the good of SIWIBA establishment in Auki.

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