Dark tinted taxi bus stops April 1


AS of April 1 there will be no heavily tinted public transport, bus and taxi, says Honiara City Council (HCC).

HCC will reinforce an old ordinance which bans dark tints in public transport vehicles.

The council’s taskforce has been running awareness with public transport owners on the said ordinance, and have urged owners to comply come April 1.

Chairman of the taskforce, Councillor Eddie Ngava said, “I want to remind buses as we already told them during inspection recently, as of April 1st all buses will be no more tinted.

“I will be talking to the taxi owners as well about the same issue so that by April taxi too must do the same.”

However, Ngava says if owners want to tint their vehicles then they are allowed to tint at 50 percent, which allows the windows to be still be transparent and a person outside can see inside without difficulty.

“If bus and taxi owners not comply with this, HCC will remove their license from providing public services because it is an ordinance that every public transport must abide to.”

He said the aim is provide safety for the general public.

“The ordinance has been there and now we are trying to enforce it and by April it will be implemented,” Ngava said.

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