Culture and tradition supress initiatives for women empowerment


CULTURE and traditional norms have been described as the greatest barrier towards women empowerment initiatives.

This was highlighted during the Provincial Women Caucus Leaders workshop early this week.

In an interview with Island Sun, outspoken woman leader from Guadalcanal Ms Mary Bollen said culture and traditional stereotyping continues to hinder women efforts to secure fair grounds on women representation in Solomon Islands.

She said attitude towards women needs to be changed in order to give women their right to decision making and active participation in economic development.

“Respecting and recognising women’s capabilities will influence changes that would encourage shared responsibility to build greater homes and also country.

“Husbands must understand women’s role to set a basis for greater partnership and also decision making.

“Men must open their eyes to see the potential women have in scrutinising ideas that would benefit everyone,” Bollen said.

She stressed that women are one of the vulnerable group in Solomon Islands and that greater intervention would support women’s needs.

Bollen said there is a need to create a safer Solomon Islands where women are safe, participate in decision making and also choose the life that would expose them to greater benefits.

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