CSO reviews Anti-C0rruption Bill


CIVIL society organisations (CSO) is reviewing the anti-corruption bill to make recommendations for the bills and legislations committee (BLC).

CSO Chairman Dr Huddie Namo said, “We are not waiting for the government on now doing our own review in noting what to recommend.

“Though the Petition has already been given, we will not stop in keeping up the momentum for the government to know that they are under our watch.

“We will be having strategic outlined meetings continuing until the 9th of next month.

“There were already two meetings, one on Friday and the other this week Monday in which others will be today and coming Friday rotating till next week.”

According to the Chairman, the meeting is open to all civil society members and interested parties who wish to share their points of view with the committee in regards to issues that will be discussed.

“Other’s who wish to join the meetings will have to contact the CSO and DSE General Secretary Ms Jennifer Wate on landline 23760 for approval,” said Dr Namo.

“We are planning to continue on talking about the Anti-corruption Bill through Broadcast on SIBC and on Barava FM this coming weekend including giving media statements.

“Time is not in our hands so we need to prepare, the Bill might be postponed again that will cause a big problem.”

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