Crop prices not profitable: farmers

By Ezekiel Talatau

Local farmers display their pinnacles wir prices.

LOCAL farmer in Honiara Central Market are feeling that current prices to their products are not benefitting them as they should.

In other words, the prices are ‘not profitable’.

On Tuesday, Island Sun interviewed several farmers, who all shared the same view – that they are not getting enough for their produce.

There are many farmers out there who are struggling to sell their crops at a standard price but due to the fluctuation in prices, it affects some sellers not to earn profits at all.

One farmer said, “For instance, one local farmer selling his/her potatoes for $15 per heap whereas most are 10, this fluctuation of price creates a competition amongst us but at the end of the day, only some of us will earn profits and some are not.”

One farmer, who wanted to be anonymous, said, “Competition in price here in the central market needed to be address, this is because most of us here are come from different areas in towns and meeting our expenses is another thing.

“The differences in the price is depends on the expenses we calculated. If some of us here selling their crops or cabbage at a lower price, at the end of the day.

“We receive money that not profitable at us. What we sell must meet our expenses and at least we earn some interest. This is the main reason why we here to sell our markets.

“All farmers need to work together on crop price here in the central market so that, everyone can earn enough profit to sustain their daily needs.

“If this issue is still continue, it will affects most local’s sellers here in the main town.”

Meanwhile, a market customer says because of the difference in prices on offer, they have to scour the whole market in search of a priced produce that accommodates the money they have in their pockets.

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