Criticising legal system is common


MAKING criticisms against the legal system especially lawyers, magistrates and judges does not mean the legal system is weak.

Responding to questions raised by journalists, Professor Mark Henaghan, who is in the country conducting training for lawyers, magistrate and judges, said public can criticise lawyers and judges putting things online and on Facebook – that is normal.

“When people lost their case they criticise the lawyer and the judges and it is normal, because two people go to court and one loses and they never happy with the legal system because they can’t both win, it is the same in every legal system in the world they get criticism,” Henaghan said

“But I can say you have very good lawyers and judges here they are working very hard to deliver though they have very limited resources.

“Many of them are not paid as much as they would be in other countries they worked really hard worked long hours, so I don’t think you have a weak system.”

He also gave a talk which explained that lawyers have to be disciplined if they do something off track.

He also touched on young new graduate lawyers going into practice, which Henaghan cautions they be monitored by senior lawyers to guide them for an initial period of time.

“We want lawyers to have good protection and just the same in journalism you only learn from the people who are experienced, if you do it your own you can go off track, same for all profession.”

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