Crackdown finds shops hoarding expired goods in Auki

Cartons of expired twisties seized from one of the shop in Auki. Photo by Samie Waikori.
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SHOPS in Auki are reportedly hoarding expired goods for unknown reasons, a crack down by the province’s food safety and hygiene unit found out.

Malaita provincial office through its Food Safety and Hygiene unit is cracking down on expired food products being sold in shops in Auki.

On Monday this week, a load of expired cartons of junk food (twisty) was seized from a shop in Auki.

Food Safety and Hygiene officer, Ms Mercy Nunua said they have been visiting shops in Auki and continue to find expired items being kept.

She said most of the expired goods were found in shop’s cargo storage, and expiry dates go back as far as two years ago.

Nunua said their discovery has led them to be suspicious of the shop-owners’ motives in keeping the expired products.

Nunua appeals to all shop owners to cooperate with her team and to remove and dispose off any expired goods within their shop.

She also calls on shop owners who have goods nearing expiry dates to put the goods on special price to sell before they expire.

Nunua reiterated that her office will continue to monitor status of goods in shops in Auki and wants cooperation from shop owners.