CPG question past Executive on shopping complex project


THE current Central Islands Province (CIP) Provincial Government are questioning why the previous Executive of the province had come up with a Shopping Complex project for Tulaghi.

Comparing to the small scale yet in terms of business houses development in Tulaghi, the current Executive see the project as too early to develop such having already spent part of the province past Provincial Capacity Development Fund (PCDF) of around $5 Million.

“We should currently be focusing more on other areas to start off with that are beneficial with the level of scale development that CIP is in at this stage,” said a disappointing Premier for CIP Hon Patrick Vasuni with the understanding that his provincial government is criticized by the people of the province over the incomplete Shopping Complex project.

Nevertheless CIP’s Premier has assured that despite of such, his current provincial Executive will still yet be looking back into this project but will have to wait for the next PCDF funding before they can see how things work out from planning.

CIP this year after being disqualified from the 2015 and 2016 PCDF funding has topped first position in the assessment of PCDFs in the country.

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