Covid spreading in six provinces

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Six provinces are now reported with community transmission.

Health minister Dr Culwick Togamana announced this in his situation report on Tuesday this week.

“Six of our provinces namely Guadalcanal, Central Island, Western, Choiseul, Makira and Isabel are currently experiencing localised transmission to date.

“All in all, the community transmission of covid-19, as experienced in the capital and observed in the provinces is getting worse with increasing number of positive cases, hospitalization and rise in the COVID-19 related deaths.

“Despite current experience wide spread of covid-19 community transmission recoveries have also been noted across our health facilities and our communities.

“My ministry in collaboration with other line ministries is working to the best of our abilities and capabilities with the limited available resources to manage the severely sick, speed up testing making arrangement and advised on home Isolation to those infected and provide vaccination to those who are yet to get fully vaccinated against Covid-19,” Togamana said.

“Malaita province with the largest population is now experiencing an outbreak of covid-19 across the province with total case count stands at 279. These cases are from four regions of the province. Malaita provincial authority now believed and outbreak has occurred in the province. There have also been reports of community deaths related to covid-19.

“It is critically important now than ever that all covid-19 tests and health measures are to be strictly practised and complied with at household family level,” Togamana said.       

“For Guadalcanal Province the total case count have increased to 76 cases however believed to be high due to under testing, Western Province case count have increase from 83 to 115.Cases are mainly from Gizo, Noro and Munda.

“Choiseul Province cases count stands at 9 all cases are detected in Wagina village south Choiseul. Central Island Province CIP total case count is 52. Makira Province remains at two with one case remain active. For Isabel remains at 22 with 18 are currently active.

“Two remaining provinces have not yet reported any covid-19 cases, therefore both still remain covid-19 free,” Togamana said.