Covid-19 vaccine side effect very low: Rodgers

Dr Jimmy Rodgers
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THE covid-19 vaccine side-effect is very low, says Dr Jimmie Rodgers.

Rodgers, secretary to Prime Minister and deputy chairman to Over Sight Committee, clarified this in the recent radio talkback show due to lot of people being worried about side-effects of vaccine and reaction of the covid-19 vaccine.

“Just to assure us in the public that published report on side effect of the vaccine stressed that it is very low. A big study in USA said that it comes roughly about one case in every 100,000. That figure is important it means it’s a rare event.

“For all those, on our side our outpatient at the National Referral Hospital sees about 3000 patients every month, 36 thousand every year, they see two anaphylactic reactions (a life-threatening reaction to drug allergies that causes the widespread dysfunction of body systems) on a normal treatment in Solomon Islands,” he said.

Rodger said hence, two means one in every 18 thousand that is higher than one in every one hundred thousand.

“I want to say all things will have its side effects. I want to assure the public that we don’t know enough about it, we know that people can react to it but we should not spread message that will cause people to frightened of it.

“Let us look at it with care and look at how it has improved people’s health in countries that recorded higher cases of COVID-19,” he said.

Dr Yogesh Choudhri Technical Advisor to Ministry of Health Medical Services said outcome of the COVID-19 vaccine application for 0.25 percent of the country’s population is still unknown.

Choudhri said the vaccine application is through the COVAX facility has been made and they offered us vaccine for the 0.25 percent of the population.