Covid-19 oversight committee prepared to get all businesses to reopen


THE government’s Covid-19 Oversight committee is prepared to now get all businesses to slowly reopen and provide services for people.

Jimmy Rodgers Secretary to Prime Minister said the oversight committee is prepared to get all businesses and sports to reopen.

“For the Oversight committee it is prepared to now get all the business and sports to slowly comeback towards normal.

“The important thing is to not forget the principals on cleaning hands, social distancing and so forth those must be continued and if we have any serious suspect or positive case we will go back into that action.              

“So the committee has discussed these matters and I think we be going back to normal soon,” said Rodgers

He said this idea of reopening of businesses had come up because the Oversight Committee had been receiving requests for reopening of other businesses that have been closed down due to the pandemic.

Rodgers said receives requests for reopening have been received from businesses like, sports especially for soccer and as well as for meetings.

“What we want is a plan on how they will address crowds, social distancing and so forth.

“If that one comes in and if the committee is happy with it then there could be an area for what time we can look at starting or reopening the number of businesses that have been closed.

“We have also ask them to give us the update on what happens in other countries in the pacific and also internationally.

“This is because we don’t want to make decisions out of vacuum,” said Rodgers.

He said for sports especially it is done in all pacific countries so Solomon Islands as a country don’t want to get behind in terms of sporting activities.

Rodgers said for businesses, most businesses in Honiara have already been reactivated except may be for night clubs.

“For nights I think the issues we need assurance is on how they can deal with areas on numbers allowed, also to do with social distancing kind of principles,” he said.

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