Covid-19 incidence drops in Malaita

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Malaita province is seeing a drop in covid-19 new cases, with many reportedly having recovered.

The province’s health authority says current trends show a vast improvement after two months of battling with the coronavirus.

Dr Rex Maukera, chairman of Malaita’s emergency operation centre (EOC) for covid-19, Kiluufi hospital, said, “The trend of covid-19 is going down and health officers are station in health centres across the province to monitor the transmission.

“Even then it’s not yet all over and people must continue to practice safety covid-19 measures in communities across the province.

“Preparation is paramount and people must continue to remain vigilant in case there is another wave, while work continues across all sectors to avoid that.”

Maukera said the provincial health through its EOC also continues to receive support from the ministry of health (MHMS) towards covid-19 operations in the province.

He said the provincial health will continue to liaise with communities on covid-19 related programmes and monitor the situation, although it’s going down.