Court withdraws murder charge against 27-yo man


Court has withdrawn the charge of murder against a man who was accused following the death of a man near the Florence Young school in May this year.

This follows insufficient evidence against the accused at this stage. Investigations are continuing.

Once police find enough evidence then the charge against the accused can be reinstated.

On Monday, prosecution made an application under section 190 (2)(b) (ii) of Criminal Procedural Code (CPC) for withdrawal of the murder charge from the accused Primo Diudi.

Court granted the application and order to release Diudi from remand until further investigation continues, and if there is sufficient evidence gather then prosecution will again reinstate the charged against Diudi.

Primo Diudi was charged for one count of murder in relation to Kukum murder that took place on 12 May 2024 at the Scorpion pub, Kukum highway.

It was alleged on 12 of May 2024 at Scorpion pub, Kukum highway, the deceased and his wife left the pub and were making a phone call when a male person grabbed the decreased wife phone and ran off.

The deceased ran after the male person and was assaulted by a group of boys at the road heading up to Florence Young School.

The 27-year-old suspect was identified by a witness as a member from the group of boys who attacked the deceased.

Hellen Nagu appears for crown.

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