Court condemns recent rioting

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PRINCIPAL Magistrate Felix Hollision says the recent looting and rioting in Honiara must be condemned as it causes fear to members of the public, business owners and investors.

Hollision said the ransacking, looting and burning of shops started from the 24th November 2021 right through to the 26th November 2021.

This case reflects a sad situation where very young people including juveniles defied the curfew regulations as ordered by the Governor-General which became effective from the 26th of November 2021 up to the 10th of December 2021.

He also said the fact that very young people were involved along with adult defendants who were found together at Ranadi, shows that they do not have any respect for the rule of law and they had taken advantage of the situation thinking that they would not be arrested.

“I take cognizance of the fact that innocent foreign investors from countries such as Australia and China, Papua New Guinea which is home to Bank South Pacific (BSP), local Solomon Islanders of Chinese origin, and some indigenous people were heartlessly and unfairly targeted.

“I also take judicial notice of the three locals who have tragically lost their lives during the riots between the 24 and 26th November 2021 in Honiara, although at the moment, it is not clear how the trio got into the scorched building in the first place and whether or not they were part of the looters and hooligans”, Hollision said.

Hollision therefore stressed that people should not take advantage of any given situation to commit crimes and the rule of law must always prevail. That is to say that there is no lawful excuse or justification for the unlawful events that we have seen during the recent deadly riots.