Counselling sought for quarantine graduates

Chengs Quarantine Station
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Coronavirus (Covid-19) quarantine graduates, especially from Chengs facility are seeking for the possibility of ‘counselling service’ to be provided.

According to some graduates, staying in quarantine for a long period has been challenging for them and they struggle to readjust when they return to their homes and families.

Because of such experience, quarantine graduates during early this week’s first 2021 ‘Talk-Back Show’ raise question to the national government, seeking for the possibility to be provided with counselling service.

In response to question, Dr. Gregory Jilini from the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) assure those graduating and facing such experience that they can avail counselling services to those who need it.

“I think what we can say is we can avail counselling services to those who will need it. What I will advise is if they could contact us so that we can reach out to them and provide the counselling services that they will need.

“The hotline toll free is ‘115 and 25256’, so please call any of those numbers so that we can reach out and provide help,” said Jilini.