Correctional Officers receive FTO Certificate

Correctional officer Monach Monamua from Commissioner Gabriel Manelusi
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STAFF of the Correctional Service of Solomon Islands have completed a Field Officer Training programme at the CSSI headquarter last Friday.

The two weeks training conducted at the Correctional Service Training Centre culminated in a certification ceremony conducted by the Commissioner of the Correctional Centr, Gabriel Manelusi.

Speaking during the closing ceremony, Commissioner Manelusi said a Field Training officer (FTO) is an experienced or senior staff of an organization responsible for the training of a right group of people or to facilitate training that are appropriate for certain target group.

FTO officers pose for a photo shot with Commissioner Gabriel Manelusi and Executive staff

 He said they are also responsible to prepare the appropriate lesson and planning for the delivery of the lesson.

He said the FTO course is used extensively in basic course Designing and Course Delivery.

“A new trainee is usually only allowed to work with an FTO for a predetermined amount of time, or until the field training staff determines that they are ready to work on their own.

Commissioner Manelusi said field training for Correctional officers typically lasts two weeks, in some instances the trainee may work for a short amount of time prior to attending a formal training – Certificate program.

He said during this time the FTO may complete part or majority of the FTO programme and then all this will go on for three months upon completion of the Certificate of the Certificate process” Manelusi said.

Correctional officer Ronald Devele receive his Certificate from Commissioner Manelusi 

Commissioner Manelusi said, the duties of an FTO involve being a role model, clearly communicating the expectations of Evidence of teaching time log and lesson plan must be provided to assessors for assessment, design at least one new training package using the simple basic Training Needs Analysis steps begin taught in the FTO manual, correctly applying concepts learned in the classroom to field training operations, and evaluating the trainee on his or her progress in the programme.

He said ultimately, an FTO is responsible for making sure shift duties are performed properly and completely.

He said, the FTO helps with officer files, physical training and testing, drill, enforcing department and academy rules and numerous other logistical tasks.

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