Constituent calls for equal treatment to politicians

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By Mike Puia


A constituent from Savo/Russells constituency in the Central Islands Province has appealed to the police and anti-corruption bodies to treat politicians equally.

The constituent, who requested anonymity, made the call as the national general elections looms.

He said if former Prime Minister, Allan Kemakeza who was their former Member of Parliament, was sent to jail over corruption then police and anti-corruption bodies should do their work and find evidence of corruption against politicians.

He said politicians must be clean otherwise this is unfair to their people.

“It is unfair seeing MPs from other constituencies and their cronies continuing with corrupt practices but remain free,” the constituent said.

He said police and anti-corruption bodies should make every effort to find evidences of corruption against any politician and have him or her punished like what was done to their MP.

He said if police and anti-corruption bodies chose to ignore dealing with “corrupt politicians” it will slow the country’s development and raised racial discrimination and poverty.

He appealed to constituents to take this time around to vote for transparent and accountable leaders who will make the country realise real development.

He said the current practice where leaders dish-out solar, copper and boats are not real development.

He said developing the productive sector is real development as it will generate income for the country and raised people’s standard of living.

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