Congratulatory messages, gifts for Nazareth

By Mike Puia


NAZARETH village in the Western province’s Marovo lagoon received a lot of congratulatory messages and gifts when it celebrated the 100th years since the United Church mission reached its people on Sunday.

The messages and gifts come from representatives of the United Church in the province and in Choiseul province and Honiara circuits.

Nazareth’s sister churches conveyed and presented messages and tokens of love to the village during its centenary celebration.

Member of Parliament for Marovo Constituency, Snyder Rini, conveyed his acknowledgement to the community and send a token of love worth about $30,000 to the village.

The provincial government also handed cash as token of love to the church.

Circuit ministers, assistant ministers and superintendents from other region and circuits also presented congratulatory messages and token of love to the church.

Former moderator of the United Church of Solomon Islands and current moderator, Philemone Riti and David Garanu, graced the occasion.

This is the first huge occasion held in Nazareth village to mark the arrival of the gospel since May 13, 1918. In fact, civilisation reached the people of Nazareth first before the gospel.

Paul Chite, a 73-year-old from Nazareth village, said they are lucky to have been born at the time the gospel had already arrived to their people.

Chite said had they been born during the heathen times, they would have died already.

He said this is because head hunting and fighting between different tribes and even within tribes was the way of life in the past.

Chite provided a glimpse of the important emphasis the people of Nazareth village place on the church in its role in saving the people of the village and tribe.

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