Concerns pop up over new AG

By Alfred Sasako

DPM Manasseh Sogavare conggratulating the new AG as SPM Dr Rodgers looks on

SOLOMON Islands has a new Attorney General but Gilbert John Osmond Muria Jnr’s appointment, announced by the Government yesterday, has attracted harsh criticisms by a member of the social media.

Mr Muria Jnr, the seventh Solomon Islands national to hold the job, was sworn in at Government House yesterday.

Many congratulated Mr Muria Jnr on his appointment on the social media, Yumi Toktok Forum yesterday. One, Makili Lawrence Kepangi dissented.

“While everybody congratulated, I have second thoughts of the new appointed Attorney General by the current Government,” he said.

When asked to elaborate, Mr Makili said:

“During Sogavare’s reign as PM, he set up a committee to gauge into the Beche de mer saga and I believe the appointed AG was a member. Mifala lo Ontong Java still wait to see the outcome, till then nothing. There are puzzles related to other issues are yet to be solved,” Makili said.

“How independent and impartial is that AG chamber’s office when the position is politically appointed. It is very difficult to understand how this country will move progressively forward as we turn a blind eye on issues that destroy the fabrics of our society,” he said.

“The devil enjoys the momentum, while the silent hand clapping noticed from the current regime.”

When others pointed out that it was not an easy job, Makili said, “there are a lot more deep down to be uncovered. Hence the new AG is going to be a blocker.”

Still others said Muria Jnr was just a member of a committee. “He is not to be blamed here for the decision made.”

“Yes I know, before that, he knew well the issue of beche de mer. At the starting he was with the AG Chamber. I now see the difficulty of our pursuance in the future, since he is now sitting in the chair,” Makili said.

His appointment has left a Special Secretary to Prime Minister (SSPM) vacancy, where the young lawyer occupied under Manasseh Sogavare’s reign as Prime Minister.

Muria Jnr remained on the job under the changing of the guard when Rick Houenipwela became Prime Minister last December.

His appointment was seen by others as Sogavare preparing his own team to take over government after next year’s national general election.

Some doubted it was the motive for the appointment of the Guadalcanal lawyer.

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