Concern raised over growing ‘fish pirates’

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The national fisheries development (NFD) is reportedly facing threats to its fishing fleet from fishermen who allegedly board NFD’s purse seiners by force.

It is reported that they forcefully board the ships and take off with whatever amount of fish they can carry. It is alleged that these so-called fishermen take their booty and sell them in Honiara.

And, according to sources this practice has been ‘going on for some time now’.

Along with fish they take, they sometimes make off with fishing gears belonging to the ships which they board.

It is understood that this has been reported to a high level delegation from the Western provincial government which visited Noro recently.

It is also understood NFD is also looking at means to protect its ships and employees.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a NFD employee says, “There is danger the practice could happen at Honiara harbour but a senior police officers in Gizo said they are monitoring the situation as a serious case of fish piracy which is going to be fully investigated.

“The photos of the fish pirates are available at the NFD offices in Noro.”

Police, in an email correspondence with Island Sun, confirms through its media unit that they are aware of the situation and are monitoring it.

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