Concern over increase of dog attack in West province


CONCERNS have been raised over the increase in dog attacks in Western province.

Some of these attacks have resulted in deaths, while many have led to victims being left in critical conditions.

Over the weekend one of the similar incident of dog attack happened in Munda Western Province which left the victim suffers from the attack for almost five days now.

A concern person who wishes anonymity conveyed to Island Sun paper that the recent dog attack occurred on Saturday morning around 8am when the victim is on his way to work. He was attacked by four dogs and had several dog bite on his butt and wounds on his legs.

He said this issue should be addressed because it poises risk to both domestic and international visitors and tourist following the opening of the new Munda international airport.

The concerned person said, it will be great if the Provincial governments adopted and do have the similar dog ordinance like the Honiara City Council have at the moment. But if our provincial governments do have one already, it will be fine if they implement it.

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