Complaints over BSP deductions in Auki



CUSTOMERS of the Bank South Pacific (BSP) have raised complaints on deductions made to their loans.

This follows last week’s confusion which was caused by no payments entering the accounts of customers who had loans with the bank.

They said, “Deductions should be made every fortnight with the required amount signed in our agreements.

“For the past fortnights we have received our full salary payments with no deductions made.

“But what happens to us last week is a big hiccup to us when our full salary has been deducted.

“At the moment we faces more needs especially in paying up school fees and other basic needs for families usages.

“We agreed upon only with one agreement that for loan repayments will be made all fortnights for the period of time required.

“We were surprise to see other fees were included into our bank statements such as late fees, centralisation and access fee charges.

“We need the BSP bank to clarify these fee charges that affected and our salaries are already committed as arrears to our loan repayments.”

All fee charges cost around $50 plus the total deduction fee.

This paper understands that some BSP customers that have loans with the bank last week only received only $500 to meet their school fees, food, bills, rental and transportations.

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