Commuters want tough acts on buses

By Mike Puia

HONIARA commuters are demanding Honiara City Council (HCC) to take tougher actions on buses that continue to run short routes.

One commuter vented his anger through this paper yesterday.

Leonard Aru, who used to be a bus conductor and driver in the 1990s, said the HCC and the bus association have agreed on things, one of which is buses not to make short routes.

Despite this, Aru said there are buses that continue to run these routes and he has been watching this for some time.

“HCC officers should monitor and identify drivers who run short routes and took off their driving license. There are drivers who made these decisions without the knowledge of owners,” Aru said.

He said HCC is playing its part but since some buses are not complying, it should take tougher action for the good of the public.

Aru said during the 90s, public transport services were the best.

He said buses service the city well and everyone enjoys it.

“Commuters just enjoy bus riding. Bus drivers and conductors always keep clean and dress properly because they respect commuters,” Aru said.

He said this is something he hasn’t see in buses nowadays.

“HCC should consider work in a bus a legal and formal thing. Conductors should apply to the HCC to become a conductor. They need to have an ID card,” Aru added.

He said HCC should introduce new ways to get buses to make decent service for commuters a priority.

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