Community leaders cooling down problem in West Kwaio



COMMUNITY leaders in Alaru’a area of West Kwaio in Malaita province are hard at work to cool tensions which had heated up in the past weeks following the bashing of one the youths there by passing-by travellers.

The incident happened two weeks ago when youths in the area allegedly set up road a blockage to passenger trucks from Hauhi area in West Are Are crossing the area.

Report received from police said the youths were under the influence of liquor and were demanding money from the trucks.

The report said as a result of the action a member of the youths was allegedly beaten by somebody within a passing-by truck.

The report furthered that after that, the incident was escalated where victim’s side wanted to take revenge on the other side.

It has reported that compensation was demanded from the owner of the truck where somebody going in the truck involved in the incident.

The blockage was reinforced for the truck where it believed to be from Hauhui area not to cross the area, if going down to Auki.

The report stated that police has arrested a youth into the incident. They’re also working together with opposing parties in the incident to address the problem.

The report said the parties are showing willingness as chiefs and village elders where behind dialogue to solve the matter.

Police called on those especially residing along public roads in the province to respect travelling public and refrain from such unlawful activities.

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