Community calls for closure of Munda airport gates


COMMUNITY of Kekehe in Munda, Western province are calling on the Ministry of Communication and Aviation (MCA) to close two gates at the Munda airport.

Currently there are two gates on both sides of the Munda airport, which is reportedly used as a road access by members of public in Munda, who cross the runway to get to the other gate.

It has been used as such for quite a while, and the nearby community of Kekehe are sounding the alarm before any tragedy takes place.

It is understood that despite this, aviation authorities have done little to discourage public from using the gates as road access.

At the moment, construction also underway but despite the situation people are using that gates as entry for short-cut to nearby villages.

Looking at the risk it may cause, people of Kekehe community are calling for the Ministry of Communication and Aviation including other authorities involved to close the two gates.

Speaking for the Kekehe community, Mr George Benson said, “I am really concern about the two gates which has been opened at both side of the Munda airport which people are using as crossing access.

“I want Ministry of Communication and Aviation to close that gate and remind or educate people about safety measures and restricted boundaries there.”

He said the entry has open an access opportunity for people or even animals to cross the airport runway and it has becoming normal now.

People will stop crossing only when there is plane flew-in or out, he said.

Since then nothing has been done, he adds.

He said the situation may be low in hazards but it was very risky.

With that Mr Benson is urging the authorities to address such issue.

“We want Ministry of Communication and Aviation to close the gates for the safety of our people of Kekehe village and other nearby communities, some people already faces accident,” he said.

Attempts to contact the MCA throughout this week for comments have received no response.

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