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Community affected by water pollution



ENVIRONMENTAL impact of water pollution is affecting the people of Voruvoru Community at Northwest Choiseul being a result from logging activities.

Creating matters worse from report, the accused Springhill Company’s logging activities has operated over Voruvoru’s main water source that is used for drinking, cooking and washing.

As a result, Voruvoru residents and the community as a whole call on Springhill Company to allocate safe drinking water tanks for them.

“A strong call was made during the past by the community to relevant authorities in order to assess the environmental impacts of logging activities on our main water source but ever since then, our call has only fell on deaf ears,” said locals reporting.

“Voruvoru residents are suffering seeing them having to travel far to collect water for drinking and cooking when it is sunny as a result of the small water sources being dried up.

“We demand the company to supply us with water tanks while the environment and forestry Divisions must come and assess the environmental impacts caused to our main water source.”

Attempts to contact Springhill Company were not possible.

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