Communities in West Are’are in need of police



COMMUNTIES in West Are’are are in desperate need of police presence in their communities.

The call follows an increase in anti-social behaviour in the area.

Catechist of Porepore local church, Mr Joe Naitoro made the report saying men, women and children do not feel safe in their homes.

He said majority of youths in ward 25 where his village is are engaged in marijuana and kwaso.

“Youths even elderly people when they drink kwaso they have no respect to the communities.

“They swear at people, have no respect to people’s properties and to the chiefs and elders in the communities.

“Other anti-social activities like fighting, stealing and etc are now becoming worse in their communities.

“Another odd thing experienced was before men only known for drinking of beers in rural communities, but now both young girls and boys combine to do it,” Naitoro said.

Naitoro said they want regular presence of police in their communities to crack down on the anti-social behaviours.

He also added that they want community policing in their communities so that they can work together with police on those areas.

In an interview with PPC Malaita, Mr Timothy Apaesi said that his office is aware of the issues going on in the province.

He said they continue to do the best of what they can to ensure law and order must be respected and upheld in the province.

However, he explained that resource is one major problem usually faced to get them down to the issues on the ground.

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