Communities in East Fataleka hold mass reconciliation

Members of the communities that are part of the reconciliation ceremony.
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COMMUNITIES in East Fataleka held a mass reconciliation at Bethel village on Sunday.

The reconciliation was part of East Fataleka communities’ show of solidarity which aims at bring them closer to work together for common goals and achievements.

In a statement received on the reconciliation ceremony, the event was initiated by chiefs and church leaders of East Fataleka.

The event aims primarily to iron out differences and bring them together as one people.

The event strives to revive and strengthen cooperation, solidarity and friendship their forefathers once had that laid the fabric of their current communities and people.

A total of 14 communities; Lolo, Manu, Bethel, Gwasao, Dariulu, Niupado, Kwaiorea, Alisisiu, Singali, Maelaufa, Ferakosi, Namofala, Ferabono and Fa’asiu were part of the event.

Guest to the reconciliation ceremony was Premier Daniel Suidani and people were happy to have him and team to the important occasion.

Suidani met the communities on Saturday where he had the chance to share about his government and other current political issues.

Some amongst them include; MARA governments stand against the newly forged SI-China tie, the current security pact and others.

The premier also thanked the communities for taking up the initiative that therefore have greater impact on their working together as one people to achieve common purposes.