Communication and bank services for rural areas



CONCERN has been raised by the rural people in ward 12 in the Lau lagoon area in north East Malaita, Lau Mbaelela constituency, that there is no communication and commercial bank services provided in their areas.

Speaking on behalf of the people, provincial ward member for ward 12 Fred Wai said, “Communication services are one of the services that is lacking in our area.

He said communication services in the region sometimes fail in its services depending on weather.

“Bemobile has set up one of their towers in Manaoba Island but still we face challenges especially in times of unfriendly weather and technical faults will happen to Bemobile phones within our respective areas.

“Solomon Telekom is yet to erect a tower in ward 12 where we need network coverage’s with capacity for email and other internet usages that will ease communication and help researchers and the educated elites for the people in my ward.”

Wai also added that one of the main services is banking services are not in placed for our people especially for teachers, nurses and other local businesses to collect their salaries and do banking.

“My people always find difficulties during teachers and medical health workers pay days.

“Our rural people will travel six hours by truck which cost them $80 to $100 for truck fares compared to their low salary incomes.

“The creation of a bank branch or agency in our respective ward will help to boost our economic activities and banking services and our people.”

Wai urges the responsible stakeholders to consider the herein to strengthen ward 12 towards the contributions to the nation’s economy and ensure a brighter future and the well being for our people.

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