Communication and aviation ministry goes online

Minister Peter Shanel Agovaka launches the new MCA website.
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Minister Peter Shanel Agovaka launches the new MCA website.

THE Ministry of Communication and Aviation (MCA) has launched its official website yesterday with the aim to engage more with the public online.

Increasing MCA’s visibility and presence online helps to increase the products and services provided by the Ministry to its clients and at the same time increase the popularity of the Ministry.

The Minister for Communication and Aviation, Peter Shanel Agovaka said the website is a great way to provide value added services to customers and clients, and is a great way to keep them interested to engage with the Ministry for the services it provides.

“The website is a magazine and a storefront and at the same time allows MCA visitors to see us in the virtual space so that they can make particular assumptions and create a given perception of the services we provide,” Mr Agovaka said.

The Minister made reference to the Ministry’s attempts to gain the confidence and trust of its clients such as passengers, visitors, business and leisure travellers that can help MCA serve and grow its services through online promotions and publicity.

The website is the first connection the Ministry has with citizens which may be an in-person meeting or a social post, but more importantly the platform serves as the very first point of contact between citizens and the Ministry.

According to Agovaka, the amount of time spent on any new website is minimal with an average website visit to 15 seconds or less for any average user and this is why it’s important to make valuable information easier to find, which is being addressed in the website structure and design.

Meanwhile, Permanent Secretary Moses Virivolomo shared similar sentiments saying the website allows direct civic engagement regarding citizens’ experiences and made it easier to capture feedback to help MCA consider updating strategies from enhancing a user experience to adding relevant topics to meeting agendas.

“The platforms also allow officials to speak directly with their constituents about their most pressing demands. This helps create trust between local government and the citizens they serve, because it shows residents that government leaders are listening closely and can help provide solutions for bolstering services and provisioning across the community,” Virivolomo said.

The Permanent Secretary added that Solomon Islands is prone to natural disasters and the nature of the Aviation sector is always at risk so a government website must be ready with critical information.

“Communication through a government website is the first line of defense in emergency situations, and that it can help promote calm and control for residents. This will help get more people to safety and direct emergency services personnel to the areas that require the most help,” Virivolomo said.

Details of the website can be found on . The website will be updated regularly so that relevant information can be found easily by viewers on their first visit.


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