Commonwealth Big Lunch held on Monday

Commonwealth day banner with the team Toward a common future.
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ON Monday representatives from the British High Commission, government ministries and various schools within the capital gathered to celebrate the Commonwealth Big Lunch.

The Big Lunch is to commemorate the Commonwealth, community and build connections through food and was held at the Yacht, in Honiara.

It is one of the many Commonwealth Big Lunches happening across the 53 Commonwealth nations from March 12 Commonwealth Day till Sunday April 22.

From left to right, British government to Solomon Islands representative Mr Paul J Dryden, Hon Prime Minister Rick
Houenipwela, Governor General of Solomon Islands as Queen representative Sir Frank Kabui and speak.

Speaking during the official ceremony of the British High Commissioner Mr David Ward said his government is delighted to hold the Commonwealth Big Lunch through sharing of food, exchanging conversation with communities in Honiara.

He said it is an opportunity to appreciate and strengthened the connection each have within communities across the Commonwealth.

“This is already an example of the shared commonwealth values we have of participation, debate and discussion, I hope you will continue to keep up this participation in your society through your lives,” Mr Ward said.

Some of the guests present on Monday’s celebration

The event was celebrated across the 53 Commonwealth countries including the Solomon Islands with the theme, ‘Toward A Common Future’.

Moreover, beach cleanup was part of the programme but due to wet weather yesterday morning, the programme was cancelled and will be set to a later date.

Witnessing the Commonwealth Big Lunch were; the Representative of the Queen Governor General of Solomon Islands Sir Frank Kabui and the Honourable Prime Minister Hon Rick Hounepwela, senior government officials and students representatives from King George Sixth, St Nicholas College, St John, Mokona, Burns Creek and Bishop Epalle School.

Representatives from various schools in Honiara together with the British High Commissioner David Ward cut the
cake in commemoration of the commonwealth day.