Common flu, not Covid hits Auki, says doc

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DIRECTOR of Malaita provincial health, Dr Rex Maukera says the flu that is spiraling in Auki is not covid-19, but a common flu.

He made the statement to clarify the status of the flu that has been in Auki town and parts of the province over the past weeks.

Maukera said following that, the provincial surveillance team has carried out an investigation and identified it as common flu.

“Investigation was carried out on cases of flu reported to Auki clinic with the fear of renaissance of covid-19, but not covid-19 rather a common flu,” he said.

Maukera, also chairman of Emergency Operation Centre for covid-19 at Kilu’ufi hospital said the country is still in its post covid-19 and they’re ready to respond to any suspicious health circumstances arise.

“This is to ensure plans are prepared on actions to tackle the health issue to protect the public of Malaita,” he said.

Maukera said for this current flu, it just a common flu and those infected are required to take medications advice by health officers in the province.