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Cocoa factory for Makira

Premier of MakiraUlawa province, Hon Stanley Siapu.


CABINET has approved a cocoa factory for the Makira-Ulawa province, it is reported.

An elated premier of Makira-Ulawa, Stanley Siapu, tells Island Sun that his government and the people of Makira-Ulawa are grateful, especially the cocoa farmers.

He said they are planning to have the factory set up in the province’s capital – Kirakira.

“The factory will product varieties of cocoa products ranges from cocoa oil or lavender, cocoa powder for chocolates and cocoa roasts.

“Currently famers in the province are producing cocoa roasting, but not really much to the standard product.

“With the establishment of this factory we are looking forward for more production of cocoa products for market,” Siapu said.

In addition to that he said the proposed ramp for Kirakira wharf will solve the immediate needs of people especially farmers in terms of transportation.

“This is our first move and we are hoping to work more closely with the national government through its relevant ministries to establish an industrial park close by to Kirakira.

“There are other areas of development like growth centres are also working towards. And we will be very happy if the government put status of eyeing one for the province.

“We hope that having that will boost the economic activity as well as providing services for the people.

“And with those activities we optimist it will enable to generate necessary revenue for the province and the national government.”

Premier Siapu also commended the national government for other infrastructure development proposed for the province.

He assured the national government that his government and people will always help in areas needed towards the proposed developments for Makira-Ulawa province.

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