Closed Perch School turns to Prime Minister for help

Director of the school Ms Lydia Yeo
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Director of the school Ms Lydia Yeo

THE closed Perch Christian School has taken its issue to the doorsteps of the Prime Minister’s Office.

Director of the school Ms Lydia Yeo has written to Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare, copied to the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Education, Minster for Infrastructure Development, HCC Mayor and his Clerk on her stand on the issue pleading the nation’s leader to step in and help resolve the mess.

Perch Christian School in East Honiara was closed due to continued threat by the Honiara City Council (HCC) on the school authority.

Ms Lydia said yesterday, “Closure of Perch Community High School is in response to HCC threat to demolish the school infrastructure.”

She told Island Sun that yesterday was the last day of HCC’s seven-day notice, thus the school has obliged with its closure.

She vows to fight to the end because she views this as injustice to the children.

Her letter reads, “The Perch Education Authority resolves during its recent meeting to close down the school from its normal activities due to continues threat from HCC and others who conflicts of interest in the said location of the school.

“On 7th September 2017, HCC issued a seven day’s notice, threatening to demolish the school fence, library building and other school structures within the compound.

“These threats are very serious in nature and we wish to condemn these in the strongest terms.

“We have been providing quality education for thousands of students for the last seventeen years.

“These threats are aimed at disrupting the activities causing safety risks to our students, teachers and working staff.

“This is unacceptable, and borders on insanity of the HCC whose citizens will be adversely affects by such an action.

“We are appealing to you Honorable Prime Minister to provide appropriate support to ensure our school is free from these threats.

“Despite several calls to the Ministry of Education to support us in our difficulties it seems that they have not provided the environment conducive for us to negotiate and work amicably.”

She assures students, parents, guardians and supporters that “the school has temporary closed its door indefinitely and will be opened when these threats are address”.

Ms Yeo said yesterday that her only plea to responsible authorities is to work amicably on the issue and find a better solution to solve the issue.

She said the school benefits the country and disrupting it is not the answer to the issue.