Clinicians demoralised over doctor axed by government


CLINICIANS working at the National Referral Hospital have voiced they are demoralised following the termination of Dr Claude Posala, one of the country’s leading medical doctors and frontliners.

Government’s wild action has reportedly left the unity and teamwork preparedness to stop Coronavirus-19 (covid-19) entering the country at stake

According to the country’s Consultant Physician of the Internal Medicine Department and leader for covid-19 Isolation and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) ward Dr Jones Gabu’s post in social media, in emergency situations like this covid-19 preparedness, clinical services need all hands-on deck.

“All we have now are demoralised teams of clinicians. In emergency situation like this covid-19 preparedness, we in clinical service need all hands-on deck.

“Team spirit was what made us move in preparation. Sitting long hours brain storming and tasking and patching gaps just to make sure our people and ourselves are prepare for covid-19.

“The last few weeks and months, the momentum of teamwork can be seen in our team of clinicians. We fought fatigue to attend meetings and then plan and draw up guidelines, SOPs, Action cards etc,” said Mr Gabu.

He said creation of teams of clinicians for the covid-19 Isolation and ICU was the excited part and all these teams have their special names.

“All of us the clinicians and nurses and other front liners knew well of the risks we are taking in COVID-19, however the team spirit was what energise us to face the unknown together. Because we believe in team spirit.

“This is the spirit in team work we need as front liners. All hands-on deck. We encouraged each other to be positive in all thing. We emphasise positivity and no negativity.

“Today (Wednesday 8th April) our hearts sank, the motivation and the spirit of enthusiasm was gone. Written on our faces was sadness as if one of ours passed away.

“Some of us fought back tears as we find it difficult to grip the truth that Dr Claude Posala was terminated for raising the issue of allowances on COVID-19. May be there are outstanding issues, for now we can only speculate.

“We acknowledge the correction given to him when summoned. MHMS is our mother. She will protect us and help correct us.

“Sad reality is our mother MHMS failed us. The decision to terminate Dr Claude Posala was made without foresight. The team spirit crushed.

“All we have now are demoralized teams of clinicians. Unity and teamwork for COVID-19 is at stake,” said Gabu.

Claude Posala in response to the comments made via social media urged country men and women to not resort to hate and inflammatory remarks following his sacking.

“The authorities have acted within the bounds of the emergency regulations. I accept it. I do not hold any grudges or such as I never any ulterior motives to whatever I post. God Bless Solomon Islands,” said Posala.

Meanwhile, according to the termination letter of Posala’s employment in the Solomon Islands Public Service it stated he was terminated under the Emergency Power (COVID19) regulations 2020 (“the Regulations”).

The letter stressed that he was terminated under the regulation 26 of the regulations and note the following actions on his part.

“(a) Various posts on Facebook on certain government actions;(b) Posting false information on Facebook;(b) posting internal Government documents on Facebook in particular, the MHMS Permanent Secretary’s internal memo dated 31st March 2020.”

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