Claims Malaita ward grants misused

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A SENIOR officer in the Malaita provincial government in Auki has gone public with allegations that ward grants are being misused by the MPAs of the province.

He claims that only a meagre portion of the grant finds its way to the people.

The officer who wants his name withheld said the Malaita province government should be responsible to assess and monitor the use of ward grants in an accountable and transparent way.

“In general, the ward grant is to support the ward in small development projects for people as part provincial government service for people in the rural area.”

He asserts that people in the rurals of Malaita are in the dark regarding the ward grants and the process to apply for them.

He believes that lack of development communication with rural people allows most of the ward members are abusing the ward grant.

“Some of them have seen owning businesses and vehicles or event expensive asset while their wards are still to be developing. The ward members are lack plant to development the ward grant, the government must stop it. The government should explain to the people the criteria to apply for the ward grants project.

“As an officer, I see only few ward member are try their best to use the ward grants for good of their people back at their respective wards,” the officer said.

Island Sun understands that ward members in the Malaita provincial government have recently received part of their ward grants entitlement purposely for small developments in wards.