Civil groups push for anti-corrupt bill return


THE petition signing against the withdrawal of the Anti-Corruption Bill which started on Sept 8, 2017 remains on a strong hold as signing continued yesterday.

The campaign’s leading figure, Dr Huddie Namo said the petition signing coordinated by the civil society organisation is to remind the government that the people of this country are calling for the return of the bill.

In addition, he says they will not stop and will continue with their work in advocacy and education until the bill makes its way back into parliament.

“Still, we want to be proactive, at least present the petition to the PM to show people’s wish for DCCG to bring back the bill.”

On another note, Mr Namo explained that if the government brings back the Bill in October then the move will be very much appreciated.

“If DCCG, the government of the day, brings back the bill in October then that’s fantastic.

“We will applaud the PM,” he said.

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